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Surpassing the Standards of Today

The fast pace and demands of globalization across the GCC states and elsewhere requires corporations, SMEs, institutions and public sector companies and representatives to have direct and dependable access to translation services that organize, facilitate, process and deliver all pertinent needs, effectively and immediately. Standards for Translation was established in 2014 in Beirut by professionals who are mindful of the specific needs of clients operating within Gulf Cooperation Council states (GCC) and other Arabian locations, in particular. The agency’s main objective is to provide dependable and ever-improving services.
Standards for Translation is a multi-sector language agency that specializes in providing clients a wide range of premium translation services in several major world languages. The agency offers a diverse variety of document translation (including local/regional considerations) that are essential for both commercial and non-commercial activities.

Standards for Translation raises the standards to exceed the client’s expectations. The management screens potential translators thoroughly and identifies subject-matter experts with more than 10 years of field and industry experience.
Standards for Translation recognizes the relative expenditures and prospective gains associated with each individual commission; keeping in mind the potential for commercial expansion opportunities, definitive and effective corporate governance, and the essential provision of providing a high standard of translation, consultancy and communications.

Standards for Translation’s team understands the pressures of deadlines of both commercial and non-commercial clients, while respecting and sustaining the need to maintain the confidentiality of clients and the quality they require.

Translating the Needs of Clients

Standards for Translation strives to establish and maintain effective and long-term relationships with clients. This involves listening to the specific requirements of each individual customer, in order to provide the most advantageous end product. The agency provides direct communication and support to clients, throughout the entire process of production of translations. Added to this is a follow-up service that accommodates feedback, etc., of clients. The single most important priority for Standards for Translation is to extend each client the same level of professional excellence in translation.

Living by the Three Rs

Standards for Translation values three essential and imperative ingredients - Reliability, Responsibility & Responsiveness - which, combined, give a crucial edge in today’s increasingly competitive market. They are Standards for Translation’s promise to each client and the standards the agency is dedicated to.
• Premium services within tight deadlines.
• Extensive linguist expertise and support.
• Experienced translators drawn from various industries.
• Cost-effective services.
• Client-centric methods and systems.
• Legally-binding and effective confidentiality.


In today’s complex and challenging commercial environment across the GCC and Arab countries, clients require translators who possess a thorough knowledge and understanding of specific industries and of their individual needs. Standards for Translation’s highly qualified subject-matter professionals can complete complex translation projects of any size for many key industries.

In addition, Standards for Translation provides in-house translation solutions for corporate and high profile clientele. An auxiliary service to this is support and feedback extended to the in-house translation departments of commercial enterprises.

The agency has particular expertise in the following fields:
- Legal Translation
- Medical & Pharmaceutical
- Business & Marketing
- Interactive Website Applications
- Technical & Industry Specific
- Personal & Certified
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Standards for Translation strives to provide both commercial and non-commercial clients across the GCC states and elsewhere with precise and culturally correct translations ...
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- Editing and Proofreading
- Copy-Typing
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Translation Services

Legal Translation

Standards for Translation has a sound track record in legal commissions for clients operating in the GCC states, especially; such as articles of association, corporate policies and communications, finance and securities documents (conventional and Islamic), laws and regulations, market analysis submissions and memoranda, among a vast array of other legal requirements. The experienced legal translators are highly conscious of the paramount importance of an accurate legal translation. The language and wording of regional and international laws are applied to the specific needs of clients.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Translation

Standards for Translation provides services to corporate and individual clients involved in the medical industry; such as doctors, patients, hospitals, medical universities, pharmaceutical companies and ministries of health. Certified medical translators make up the team at Standards for Translation. The technical and scientific content is translated effectively and to the satisfaction of each client.

Business & Marketing Translation

Standards for Translation provides its business and marketing clientele with target orientations in mind, when undertaking specific commissions. The seasoned translators possess backgrounds in business administration, corporate affairs, economics, domestic and international trade, etc. They are professionals who know the importance of business communications being definitive and effective, in highly competitive marketplaces, as well as how to process language-specific nuances of GCC enterprises with precision.

Interactive Website Applications

Standards for Translation provides a service for interactive websites that need to accommodate the requirements and expectations of GCC enterprises and their affiliations, in particular. Immediate translations of commercial missives are extended; as well as other forms of communication. Also, this includes assistance with information related to platforms of listing, trading and finance.

Technical & Industry Specific Translation

Standards for Translation accommodates the expectations and demands of those clients operating within industries that require technical translations of pertinent materials; such as manuals, engineering reports and research programs. The expert translators are drawn from technical backgrounds in manufacturing, scientific research and telecommunications, among others, to ensure absolute and error-free translations.

Personal & Certified Translation

Standards for Translation provides groups and/or individuals with certified translations of personal documents (e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate, education qualifications and official identification cards). The agency can accommodate any kind of documents that need to be submitted to government offices or regulatory bodies.
Standards for Translation covers the major languages that are most commonly required in today’s globalized working environment of the GCC and Arab states, while the service is expanded to include demands for other languages. The agency translates from and into many languages such as Arabic, English, French, Turkish, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Mandarin, Russian.
Localization services
Standards for Translation strives to provide both commercial and non-commercial clients across the GCC states and elsewhere with precise and culturally correct translations for localization purposes. Standards for Translation’s objective is to effectively assist clients in expanding their market presence and overall publicity. The translators focus on the very specific linguistic needs of each client, to guarantee effective communication of the respective information; this involves referencing internationally recognized lexicons of economics and business. The team of translators consists of linguists with an appreciation of the particular challenges involved. The translators comprehend the various and specific differences of the Arabian idiom between the GCC states and other Arabian locations.

How do you charge and what are your rates?

Standards for Translation charges on a per word basis. Rates are dependent on the type, length and difficulty of the document(s), as well as on requested services and the language combination selection. Additionally, Standards for Translation accommodates clients on monthly, quarterly and annual retainer agreements. Competitive rates and discounts are offered.

Translation estimates are free. For a free instant quote, please contact us!

How do I get a price quote?

It is very simple: e-mail us at:

The more specific information a client provides about a prospective commission (e.g. purpose, total word count, source language, target language(s), allocated timeframe, etc.), the more accurate the quotation will be.

The pricing quotes are free!

How do you select your translators?

Many people assume that fluency in a given language is sufficient to qualify them as a translator, but that is far from being true. At Standards for Translation, the translators are selected for their credentials, their industry expertise, their command of grammar and syntax (in both the source and target languages) and their aptitude for reflecting the cultural and language-specific norms of the target language(s).

The final draft material of translated information goes through a peer review process of both editing and proofreading; to ensure the highest quality possible for the client. However, this might not be always possible for rush jobs.

Can you handle tight deadlines and rush jobs?

Standards for Translation prides itself on working to tight deadlines, without compromising quality or confidentiality. Additionally, rush jobs are very familiar tasks of the translators involved.

Do you charge extra for rush jobs?

Urgent assignments cost more than regular translations. One reason is that translators will have to work extra hours to complete the commission on time. Moreover, they will have to put aside other work to free up the necessary time.

Do you work with companies or private individuals?

The majority of commissions come from private sector companies, but Standards for Translation works with private individuals, as well. The entire staff is always prepared to provide personalized assistance and professional cooperation with all potential translation clients.
If you are an enthusiastic and gifted translator seeking employment that rewards skilled translators, then you might want to consider joining Standards for Translation.

As Standards for Translation expands and evolves, the different opportunities expands and evolve, as well. In an effort to continuously increase responsiveness to clients’ demands, the agency is always looking to widen and diversify the network of experienced and specialized linguists to join the existing freelance team.

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